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EWL Financial Advice: Happy people who live on nothing – Is it possible?

Is it possible to be happy while living on almost nothing day-to-day, or do you need extra income to spend on those frivolous items to keep yourself...

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Are you Able to Reach your Goals with your Current Lifestyle?

When it comes to goal setting, there are many interesting schools of thought on the topic of how best to achieve what you want. The two foremost are...

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Less Now, More Later – Why it’s worth Investing

Choosing the right investment for your future can present you with a minefield of possibilities, each one with potential ups and hopefully no downs;...

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Help me with my Debt! – Help for Young People

Being young almost predisposes you to debt. Many young people earn less than their older counterparts do, we have high expenses in the form of...

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Financial Advice for Young People

Let me introduce you to two couples, now in their mid-thirties. Dave and Carla have two primary school-aged children, one car and own their own...

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