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Less Now, More Later – Why it’s worth Investing

Choosing the right investment for your future can present you with a minefield of possibilities, each one with potential ups and hopefully no downs; however, a full discussion on different investing options can be left for a later date. Today, we’ll talk about the fact that – with investing – time = value. If I said to you “here, have $10,000 dollars”, then – just as you’re about to take it – I say, “Wait! You can have $10,000 now, or – if you simply let me keep it for three years, you can instead have $15,000 – no extra work involved” what would you say? The majority of people find this question somewhat tricky because $10,000 today could really help most of us, but $15,000 in three years is no doubt tempting as well.

This question somewhat defines the word investment (although, it is not every day that someone offers you such a gift!); however, the principle is the same – money now or more money later. As they say, hindsight is 20/20 and lucky for you, there have been millions of investment – good and bad – that have taken place before. This means you are giving precious hindsight, allowing you to avoid the mistakes others have made. Think of it this way; investing now is investing in your future. Unless you plan to abandon society and live ‘off the grid’, then money in your future is a necessity, and a well thought out investment can give you that.

For those with smaller incomes, making an investment work does involve sacrifice and patience; primarily, sustaining your bill payments while taking any extra funds out of the family’s circulation. If you can do this though – even if it means seriously constricting your current lifestyle – trust me, it’s worthwhile! A good example of this is home ownership. Everyone strives for the safety of owning his or her own home, and that is an investment in your future.

One of the greatest and most successful investors, Warren Buffett, once stated, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”. This quote defines the mindset of why investing in your future is a necessity. Gone are the days where you can get by, living day to day. Investing grants you and your family a better future, so there’s no better time to shake the mindset of ‘spend TODAY – tomorrow will work itself out!’.


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